Bhooloham Tamil Movie Review

I sat in front of the big screen for Jayam Ravi’s portrayal of `Bhooloham’ without much enthusiasm, expecting a standard sports based movie.

Of course at the back of my mind I knew how the Tamil cinema especially with character actors like Jayam Ravi can pull off pleasant surprises. And rightly so, Jayam Ravi’s character burst forth with his blood thirsty antics in preparing for the match between him and the son of the boxer who killed his father in the boxing ring. The playing out of this portrayal amidst TV reports on the historical enmity between the main players, gave me good reason to expect an explosive drama.

What more when Prakash Raj in his role as the media mogul, Deepak ruthlessly spelt out his evil machinations to rake in profits from the boxing match for his sports TV channel at his board meeting, we knew we had the perfect villain to carry the movie plot through.

It was obvious that the scriptwriter, S. P. Jananathan was weaving a plot with a heavy message on the opportunism of the advertising world and evils of reality TV – portrayed somewhat overzealously by Prakash Raj, I believe given his television background – that uses its reach into the lives of ordinary people to manipulate them for profit.

And that Jananathan who had given us propagandist movies like Peraanmai. and Purampokku Engira Podhuvudamai was again bent on giving us a movie with a timely message for the Indian masses. In displaying his professionalism together with director, N. Kalyanakrishnan we are provided interesting diversions, emotional scenes and suspense filled twists to keep us from smarting over an overdose of Jananathan’s agenda with constant drumming in of the anti-establishment message, throughout the movie.

Jayam Ravi’s versatile acting in bringing out the dynamic character of a streetwise youth with a big heart and who is a fighter in and out of the ring lifted the movie’s status further. The subdued roles of Trisha Krishnan as the heroine, Bhooloham’s boxing coach, Ponvannan and several other actors peopled the movie well. And cinematrographer S.R. Sathish Kumar and music director Srikanth Deva created a typical Kollywood atmosphere for the movie.

The movie release had been delayed for more than a year due to financial problems which sadly eroded some of the movie’s social impact coming at a time of worldwide economic downturn and the suppression and subsequent taming of the advertising industry and giant corporations.

The boxing ring fight scenes were professionally done with Jayam Ravi who had received boxing training and had muscled up his body for the movie highly convincing in his fight moves. The boxing matches were truly entertaining especially the final fight with gigantic Australian actor Nathan Jones. However following the expected win by Bhulokam, I truly felt that Jananathan in his zealousness to push his message through blundered miserably by making the hero deliver a lengthy speech from the ring. The preachiness of this moment truly knocked out my, until then soaring fulfilment over the movie.


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