Artist and Mystic Jeganathan Ramachandran

There is never an idle moment in the life of one of Malaysia’s most prolific artists, Jeganathan Ramachandram.
Jeganathan’s perpetual flow of creative energy keeps him working tirelessly on his paintings, poetry, sound analysis and other ventures without a break even sacrificing sleep on many days. The 54-year-old artist meanwhile also finds time to write books to document his creative thoughts and insight into spiritual matters as well.
The artist has a penchant for depicting the various glories of Sri Ganesha, the elephant god, war god Sri Subramania and the cosmic dancer Lord Siva and his consort Sakthi. Displays of the drama of life and cosmic creation, Hindu mythology and the metaphysical realm and its energies also feature regularly in Jeganathan’s colourful paintings.
He has participated in many successful exhibitions in the city and overseas galleries to showcase his voluminous masterpieces of the past three decades.
After serving the New Straits Times and Malay Mail as an executive graphic artist, Jeganathan went full time in his late 30s to set up his own studio and gallery to dedicate his life to art.
Not content with just painting, the India trained artist is also embarked on a spiritual quest to explore the mystical realms of cosmic sound vibration and metaphysical healing technics.
In an exhibition in Kuala Lumpur last year, themed Mirroring the Center – The Science of Positive Vibrations, Jeganathan displayed his special paintings with 3D illumination that emanate healing vibrations.
In expanding his creative scope, Jeganathan has also choreographed and staged mystical energy dances and Youtube video productions and environment-energising sessions for the public.
In August last year he staged a musical presentation titled Rainsong in the mystical island of Bali in Indonesia. He also completed his epic poem, `Moments’ last year and work is now underway to publish the much awaited book.
We can most assuredly anticipate greater ventures of artistic beauty and mystical wonder in the second half of 2016 from Jeganathan – now at the height of his creative powers – to capture the imagination of the country’s art aficionados.
R. Sittamparam

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