The Truth About Lembah Bujang

9The Lembah Bujang archeological site has been kept under wraps for far too long. Some parties involved are still in denial of the fact that the site is evidence of the Indianisation of the Malaysian peninsula together with other Southeast Asian nations.

Many archaelogical findings have indicated this fact but despite this there have been continuous efforts to suppress the findings and tone it down as much as possible.

Recently the archeologists working at the site made a sensational find. They uncovered huge iron smelting facilities in the area and they are visibly excited because this could put Malaysia on the world map as one of the earliest industrial civilisations of the world.

Eager to introduce the site to the world as a truly home grown heritage, they have now devised a theory that the civilisation of the Lembah Bujang area predates the Hindu and Buddhist eras. (They fail to realise that there is no date for the beginning of the Hindu or Sanatana Dharma religion, more precisely way of life.)

The picture above shows a snapshot of the feature article that appeared in the Metro Ahad, Oct. 2 edition. I am featuring this article as the graphics are well done. Read the text in Malay, to find out what I have mentioned above.

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  • October 18, 2016 at 7:10 am

    Interesting article. There is a dire need for further analysis on this subject.


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