Celebrating Our Second Mother

The humble cow has sustained the human race from time immemorial but the intellectuals are still debating if the high reverence accorded to this divine gift to mankind, in India is justified.

Simply in the name of religious differences, some intellectuals including celebrated writers and artists of Indian origin had recently condemned the mob killing of an Indian man for allegedly eating beef.

What did these celebrities do? They went on to organise beef eating protests. The question is was the gentle cow to blame for the killing, so why punish it’s kind.

Recently a relative who had visited Delhi complained of the cows allowed to wander freely on roads everywhere in the city blocking traffic flow.

This protest against cow protection is a sad development in human advancement.

But witnessing this scene above I feel there is still hope for mankind. A family had decided to donate a cow and calf to the Thendayuthabani temple in Sentul.

To commemorate this event a simple Gomatha pooja was held in honour of the cow. It was a heartwarming sight for all who were gathered there.

Sittam Param

Writer, poet, dramatist and former journalist. I have passion for art in all its forms hence my involvement in this portal.

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