From Alarippu To Moksha – Poem In Tribute

Title: The Dance of the Soul !

What a splendid burst of Artistry in the glorious divine sanctum of Lord Muruga — A Dance of the soul Celestial I ‘ve seen !

The poetry of devotion of ages past blossomed into a dance like a dream !

Like amidst damsels so fair, unfurls the dance of petals of Bhakti in flowering boughs,

Emerging on our vistas like shining moons from veils of thin wisping clouds !

The titillating intricate movements harmonised to mesmerising melodies and spectacular thundering rhythms !

While tinkling anklets gyrated to resonate to heavenly vibrant tempos of the Carnatic Mrdangam !

The soul through Abinayas scintillates shades of the myriad moods, pines – from the infinite to be heard,

Thus, culminates with intensity of Bhakti with a vision of the supreme from Alarripu to Mokhsa for hearts to be stirred !

Beholding repertoires of each creative pulse to sail away, struck was I, with wondrous awe !

The brilliance of expressions towards the Almighty the gift of Artistry via dance , I saw !

Time stood still, as a Cakori gazing at the radiant moon, I was spellbound !

Demurred did I, into the stoic silence of my soul with the Rhythmic Cosmic Dance within to sound !

To the dance of ancient India of temples and royal courts my eager eyes were wrapt and fixed !

As if agility had left to conspire with the magical spell of the dance for the stillness of my eyelids !

Wow ! And at last, I whispered to myself what a wonder to behold !

Mother India through the millennia poised grace, beauty and elegance through dance to tantalise our souls !

By the Grace of Bharata Muni our questing hearts shall ever be lit to dance through life with pleasure !

From the greater syntax of Natya Sastras to immerse humanity in the depth of bliss in its oceanic soulful treasure !!!

Kanna – A tribute to the festival of dance — From Alarrippu to Mokhsa ( 2016 )

Photograph by Dr Vijaya Sangkar Jaganathan

Sittam Param

Writer, poet, dramatist and former journalist. I have passion for art in all its forms hence my involvement in this portal.

One thought on “From Alarippu To Moksha – Poem In Tribute

  • November 24, 2016 at 3:20 am

    It was indeed a magnificient day midst overwhelming inner joy from the celebration of the Arts to derive fresh new meanings to existence to spewforth my little poetry !—Kanna


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