The Poetic Essence of Bhagavad Gita

Title: O ! Glorious Gita Jayanti !

Hail, Hail, Hail to Thee –
The quintessence of spiritualism in Poetry !

Thou art the stupendous cosmogonal wisdom emanating as Gita Matha !

The Song Celestial of Sri Krishna amidst the sanguinary shrouds for the Scion of Partha !

Thy petals unfurl the lotus blossom for the Soul of Mahabharata,

The peerless wisdom descending on Mokhsada Ekadasi through a fratricidal war at Kurushetra !

Hence, the one-hundred-thousand stanzas of this great epic fair —

Blooms in its radiance in Bhisma Parva to stir the mighty eternal Spirit in Matter to fare !

Thy chapters eighteen, with Yoga paths like flight of steps ,

To behold at an eagle view the towering path of total Surrender to the Divine for rapture to get !

Lord Sri Krishna is the Milker of Thy nectar as Arjuna drinks with all his heart !

With dialogues of wisdom deep the greatest Science of Metaphysics for humanity to impart !

Yet ! Thy glorious path of Devotion laced in between lines;

Divine Love is the simmering waves on the Lake of Chapter 12 and 18 confines !

On this embrosial Lake of Bhakti descends the heart of the Almighty Grace,

While pretty waves of seven hundred verses unravel the pearl of Bhakti from its shell for luster sheds !

O ! Mother of devotion !
Thy peerless thoughts,meanings and words,

Pollen on filament, the buds around the shores of our hearts has stirred !

Thy infinite compassion to bestow Salvation enthrals the faithful on Gita Jayanti who like bees swarm,

To recite Thee, the learned and discerning come like Swans !

Yet ! By Thy divine intervention —
Thy poems art, rhythms and rhymes,

Even the mute shall sing and lame climb mountains towards Self Realisation to shine !

O! Gita Matha !

May I ever sing Thy soulful song,

As, I sport gracefully like a Swan on the Lake of enlightment to throng !

Pray, the sweetest fruit of Bhagavatam to relish is in the deep blue waters of Thy lake ,

And Guru’s grace shall carry me through the breeze of divine faith !

So wondrous indeed is Thy nectar of Wisdom sung through the
ages ! — O ! Gita Matha !

To sail humanity across the tidal waves of darkness to the Kingdom of eternal bliss and light by Thy instrument — The Greatest Scion of Partha !

Yatra Yogiswara Krsno
Yatra Partho Dhanur dharaha.
Tatra Srir–Viyayo bhutir
Dhruva nitir matir mama .

Jay Sri Krishna. !
Gita Matha ki Jay !

Kanna– My humble offering of Adoration on the Bhagavate Gita .(2016)

Sittam Param

Writer, poet, dramatist and former journalist. I have passion for art in all its forms hence my involvement in this portal.

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