Sirshasana, Head Stand

Asana 4

I am back with a challenging asana this week It is called the “King of Asanas” by yogis.

This beautiful asana boosts one’s strength and promotes excellent memory power.

Now there are many variations of this asana. What is displayed here is a variation whereby the leg is folded.

In coming weeks there will be a few options for beginners on how to fully enjoy doing this.

I would strongly suggest that this should be performed under guidance of an expert or someone with experience.

Interlock the fingers and form a triangle frame of your hands. Rest forearm on the ground to support back of the head.

Open your palms and place the back of the head there for support. Steady on the ground the crown of the head and prepare.

Remain calm and relax. Breathe in and out a few times and slowly turn your toes under and keep both legs straight with hips held high.

Engage the core muscle and slowly move the feet foreward using the toes and keeping back straight.

Inhale in the base position. Hold, raise the legs and balance the back by bending the knee.

Hold position – normal breathing for 5 counts. While performing this asana do not move – head, neck or the triangle stand at any time.

Hold the position while you inhale and exhale. Lower and bring down both legs to base level.
The *COUNTER POSE/SHANSHANKASANA will be shown next week.

Promotes and generates good energy for body and mind.
Quick boost of energy throughout the day.
Good form of distress relieve for the mind.

Modelling, instruction and photograph by personal yoga trainer K.B. Murale.

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