Shashankasana ( moon pose)

Asana 5

We set off from last week’s asana as after performing SIRSHASANA (Head Stand), it’s important to enter into a counter pose.

Getting into Shashankasana will be no problem. Sit with both legs folded and rest both arms on the thighs.

Unlock the toes at your own comfort. Inhale, raise both arms up and exhale by leaning forward.

Try to get down lower, closer to the ground till your forehead is grounded on the floor with both arms stretched forward and relaxed.

This pose helps relieve backache problems. It also tones the pelvic muscle and stretches the back muscles.

Regular practice will relieve constipation. Improve blood supply to the head. Induce calmness and helps control anger.

Instruction and photograph by K.B. Murale. For further details contact personal yoga trainer Murale.

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