A Journey Completed

Moving on is most beautiful when one has almost completed the journey (nobody I guess can say…I’m done!)

Some say we will cease to exist and nothing is there after this one journey in this one birth… everybody has the right to hold on to their opinions.

Just that, this little brain of mine around 1400 grams, whispers, asking me… how can the trillions of memories and emotions attached to this body just disintegrate and disappear

I was a hopeless student of science in school…yet I remember my chemistry teacher…I think it’s Mrs Hoe, who told us that energy cannot be destroyed and will only transform into another state.

In that case, something is happening to the ones who pass away right?

I drew this with two people in mind…Amma Uma Sambanthan and my friend’s father who just moved on last night.

I’m actually fascinated thinking of their new space, new state of existence and above all…how blessed they are…that they have left their memories with loved ones and moved into another home…wherever it may be to discover new exciting things

I’m sure it’s definitely better out there…for evolution is only going through a refinement…towards a progressive realm…closer to the mind and further and further away from the web of delusion that our present intellect is subjected to…by our ideologists who have been feeding their opinionated views…quite successfully I must say

No! No…I’m not blaming anyone…words seep in…not from me but through me.

Every other person out there would know this right!…we are little vessels through which the play of life is staged again and again we just have fun being part of it.

Have a great day

Sittam Param

Writer, poet, dramatist and former journalist. I have passion for art in all its forms hence my involvement in this portal.

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