Vajrasana (Diamond pose)

Yoga Asana 2020 Asana 7
7 April 2020
Vajrasana (Diamond Pose)

The movement order restriction will pose no problems when it comes to doing this pose. This is one of the simplest Yoga movements but a most effective pose for all.

In the present situation it’s best to perform Pranayama (breathing exercise) in the early morning and before bed time.

Inhale a few times and relax to calm the body and mind.

Kneel on the floor and pull together the knees and ankles bringing them in line with the legs.

Exhale – Sit back on your legs and place both hands on your thighs. Relax and sit with your spine straight.

There are several ways to perform this asana.

Now proceed with Pranayama by closing the eyes and directing our consciousness to the nosestrils.
Just inhale/exhale 30 times at your comfort.

Calms the body. Improves breathing and lung function.
Also performing this asana by itself helps relieve constipation and stomach disorder.
Regular practice can help reduce body weight.

Instructions and photograph by Personal Yoga Trainer K.B.Murale

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