Escape From The Herders by R. Sittamparam

Promise of Quick Fixes

Chap. 1. Episode 1 (part 5)

Though equipped with a simplistic and lengthy diagnosis, and shilly-shally treatment methods that cause great discomfort and psychological stress to patients, the white coated sentinels used their iconic image and subtle scare tactics, to win over the masses. Their bait is the administering of quick fixes using toxic animal tested drugs like painkillers, antibiotics and steroids to manage disease symptoms troubling patients. Knowingly, the white coated sentinels help to create a host of horrific side effects for patients, caused by their quick fixes.

But ultimately the objective of the whitecoat sentinels it would seem was to turn the quick fixes they offered together with the drugs prescribed to treat the subsequent side effects, into high profit generating products. And the masses are brainwashed to buy these products as a necessary aspect of the decadent lifestyle of modern society. The mushrooming of private chemist chains is testimony to this ploy.

Acting as purveying agents of such products churned out by the white coat sentinel’s fellow collaborators, the Great Physic, both icons thus fattened their profits.

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