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What is NameWave?

In ancient times and even now in some cultures, names of their deities, saints and heroes are given to children in the hope that they become equally powerful and successful.
It is known as the science of mirroring, mirror neurons that influences the other.

Names of religious icons and gods are given as it was once a daily practice to visit holy places before going to learn or work. Imagine standing in front of some deity or saint who has a name similar to you.

The prayer that is done with sound, light and aromatherapy for that particular personality is mirrored by our mind and charges us with a powerful vibratory shield. But this practice of visiting temples has gradually decreased due to our fast and modern lifestyle.

NameWave is designed to achieve that same purpose in the privacy of your home or workplace and works effectively in this modern IT world. It is the same mirror neurons received at the place of worship that are going to strengthen you as you listen and recite the specially designed sound pattern.

***What is BioNavaa Analysis?
The BioNavaa analysis is a combination of science, historical data comprising 22 years of studying human nature and sound movement which influences our lives and surrounding. The sound pattern used in the BioNavaa reading is based on the discoveries of Saint Thirumoolar.

The BioNavaa analysis aims to:-
• Educate you on the origin of sound notations in your body which identify specific vibratory points within you. This will help you work on your strength and understand specific limitations in your body.
• Create an awareness in you about the strength of your own natural qualities.
• Teach you about illness and sickness you might be prone to. Methods to overcome it will be shared so you can take preventive measures before any affliction can weaken you.
• Align your career path with your purpose and desire.
• Provide a nutritional regime in your diet pattern unique to you.
• Enhance your inner balance with specific praying or meditative methods most suited for your wellbeing.
• Create your own mantra designed to act as your protection (kavasam).

To know more kindly attend this workshop on NameWave:-

Title: Power of your Name which is your Own Sound Shield & Introduction to BioNavaa Analysis, A Workshop by Jeganathan Ramachandram

Registration Fee: RM150
Contact: 012-2879983

*Light refreshments will be served.
*Kindly register fast to book a place.
*Payment details will be sent individually for those who would like to join the workshop.

***Kindly take note that this is not a complete analysis of an individual but aims to introduce the BioNavaa Analysis to the participants. The analysis will only be done individually for two hours.Those who are interested may register themselves for the BioNavaa Analysis at the end of the workshop.

About the Speaker
Jeganathan is a renowned Malaysian artist with varied talents. Besides his talent in art, he is also a philosopher, thinker, inventor, author of Hindu Science, poet, sound analyst, and recently was given a title as a scenographer in Bali, Indonesia.

For the past 22 years, he has done numerous studies using sound and light. The Name•Wave was designed using an ancient musical instrument, the veenai.

He applies 9 sound vibrations, ‘Navaakari’ which is from one of the oldest scriptures, written over 5000 years ago titled ‘Thirumanthiram’ by Saint Thirumoolar, a foremost scientist of ancient India.

Over the years, he has analysed people from Malaysia and abroad using Bionaava AnalysisTM with overwhelming accuracy.

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