Perfect Cures of Ayurvedic/Siddha Medicine

The biggest dilemma facing patients seeking medical help at hospitals or clinics is the laborious and often illogical diagnosis procedure used by doctors of modern medicine, to find out exactly why someone is afflicted with a particular problem.

An Ayurvedic or Siddha doctor would have no such confusion as he is aware of every one of the 4,448 diseases listed by his preceptors the ancient sages and Siddhas that can afflict a human being. The doctor knows for example that there are 10 reasons for ear ache, 10 causes of wind problems, six types of shivering, of the 100 diseases that afflict children or the 96 types of eye diseases.

According to Dr Velayuthan from Tamil Nadu, India based Alma Medical Centre, the Siddhas who were the ancient scientists of South India, had fully analysed the human body and listed the various diseases afflicting it.

He says, “Without dissecting the body, the siddhas had found there are 72,000 veins in the human body and the various points of the body where the nerve nodes could be activated to cure an ailment. This method is called the Marma Sastra or reflexology.”

Ancient sage Agasthiyar, the Father of Tamil Siddha Medicine System, in his treatise Samarasa Gnanam emphasises on the important nerve nodes of the human body lying just beneath the skin surface to be stimulated to maintain proper bodily functions.

Dr Velayuthan said the Siddha Medicine System fully in use in ancient times had even incorporated disease preventing and health promoting herbs such as Karukapillai (curry leaves) which is good for the heart and turmeric that prevents cancer, in Indian cooking.

“We have carried this rich tradition over thousands of years and nowadays we can conclude that if we develop some disease it is only because we have forgotten to eat that particular herb added in our food by the Siddhas to prevent the disease.

“Thanks to our brilliant ancestors our food is medicine and medicine is food,” he added.

Furthermore, the great siddha Thirumoolar in his treatise Thirumanthiram has said that our very life is incorporated in our breath added Dr Velayuthan.

“If we take 18 breaths in a minute we can live up to 83 years of age and decreasing the breaths by just three we can live to 100.

“Taking 13 breaths a minute we can live to 750 and by breathing once a minute we will live up to 1,500 years.”

Dr Velayuthan says according to the siddhas, to produce good offspring a couple should unite in true love and not by mere lust. He adds that sleeping on foam beds which generate a lot of heat, was an unhealthy practise for couples wishing to produce children.

The doctor said there were many siddha medicines available for a variety of ailments including for for children in need of fast and selective brain development such as those afflicted by diseases like autism. He added that there were medicines even for so-called incurable diseases like balding, diabetes and psoriasis.

By R. Sittamparam

Picture by Lavanya Rajandran

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