Who Is Our Guru?

Title : Sri Krishnam Vande Jagatguru!

The Lord is the Perennial infinite source manifesting through all the Gurus,

From the silence of the depth of the inner voice which guides us through.

Teaches through many forms for humanity to treasure ,
Through any language or even in pain and pleasure !

Ever the embodiment of Guru through the nurturing of our father and mother,

Through joyful healthy friendship of peers , siblings and the wise counsel and advice of elders,

Through teachers who blend knowledge with inspiration to reach for the refinement of human intellect to heights greater !

And through the multitudes of Gurus who unveil the ignorance of the spirit through the passage of human birth,

Only to awaken in us the greatest beautiful Holy eternal communion with the very existence of the source of our lives on earth !

Hence , Let us learn from all without discrimination
In the One Spirit of the Tattva of Guru ,

That the Lord shall ever teach us through all forms which springs forth from the fountain of KRISHNAM VANDE JAGATGURU.

Resident Poet Kanna – My refreshing humble understanding of the adoration of Sri Krishna as the supreme Guru !

Painting of child Muruga teaching Lord Siva sourced from pininterest

Sittam Param

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