Oru Mugathirai Movie Review

Good acting by actor Rahman carried through R. Senthil Nadan’s Oru Mugathirai Tamil movie which otherwise had nothing much to offer save for a Facebook over indulgence message.

The poor acting skills of new faces, Aditi Acharya, Suresh and Devika clearly exposes the inexperience of the movie director.

It is only too obvious that Senthil Nadan who stepped into Kollywood with the 2007 horror movie Sivi, had paid scant attention to helping mould his actors’ characters.

Adithi who plays the protagonist, a psychiatry student pales in comparison to the villain, veteran actor Rahman who convincingly brings out the character of a famous psychiatrist, infatuated with the young heroin.

The movie’s poor script and plot spoils the gallant efforts Rahman who had recently make a dramatic comeback with Dhuruvangal Pathinaru. There are too many loose ends and unrealistic situations cropping up all through the movie, confusing viewers.

The movie also took off on the wrong foot opening with an uncharismatic Suresh playing a HR manager and Devika who appears as his loyal assistant and love interest. There is also a confusion of locations and plot as the story alternates between India and Malaysia.

At this point, I and my two companions were already bored and contemplating walking out of the movie hall during the intermisson.

Rahman’s entry into the story however made us continue giving the movie a watch. Slapstick comedy scenes enacted by Charms and Balaji were hollow and did nothing to cheer us up.

I was surprised to see how a director from the experienced Kollywood movie industry would come up with such an ill-conceived work.

Review by R. Sittamparam

Sittam Param

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