Restaurant Dedicated to Appam

Saturday night dinner plans for mothers should definitely involve appams!

Absolutely loved our first visit to Hoppers KL. A beautiful, quiet, welcoming cafe at a three-storey heritage building on Jalan Pudu.

For starters we tried their scrumptious cauliflower fritters with tasty roasted cashew nuts and mint yogurt.

For dessert; the fragrant pandan hopper dressed with hailam bread and browned butter.

Also, their fabulous, fresh, fruity summer fruits hopper and last but not least my personal favourite sweet hopper, the Milo ganache topped with peanuts and Horlicks-condensed milk.

Everything we tasted was absolutely amazing. Would definitely want to try their nasi lemak inspired savoury hopper on our next visit!

Restaurant review and photograph of cauliflower fritters appam by Shweta Mahadevan.

Sittam Param

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