Meesaya Murukku Review

Entertaining to the hilt, that is Meesaya Murukku (Twist Up Your Moustache) directed, written and starred by Tamil music sensation Hiphop Tamizha lead singer, Adhithya “Adhi” Ramachandran Venkatapathy.

Adhi, 27, playing himself alongside a whole cast of newcomers excepting comedian Vivek who plays Ramachandran, Adhi’s father has given the audience a fine alternative view of Tamil cinema.

For a first time director and actor, Adhi who also composed the music has handled the movie, the bulk of it revolving around his college life, well with nary a dull or disappointing moment.

As the Adhi and R. Jeeva duo, Hiphop Tamizha’s history is a celebrated success story in the Tamil speaking world, Adhi did not have to bother too much about weaving a clever plot and so could focus on the thematic and entertainment value of the movie.

Adhi also shines as a romantic hero opposite the equally impressive Aathmika. ‘Smile Settai’ RJ Vignesh who plays Jeeva gives an impressive performance drawing the laughs from the audience.

The director has also done justice to his YouTuber fraternity by including Anbu, Nandhini, Gopi, Sudhakar into the cast.

But their inclusion and of others in the Indian pop music and television industry does not burden the movie rather gives it a nice variety of colourful characters for the audience to take in and also gives greater credence to the movie.

The absence of scantily dressed women and scenes of liquor drinking is a much welcome quality in this musical romance.

And of course Hiphop Tamizha’s songs are an excellent alternative to the stereotypical movie songs that daily clog Tamil radio channels and television.

Kudos to the producer of this movie Sundar C who is well rewarded for his vision in taking up this tale of the struggles and success of a self made young Indian musician.

The RM1 million movie had reportedly scored a 10 fold return in the first five days of its release.

Review by R. Sittamparam

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