Light Up For Shakti

Great thinkers have always maintained that Hinduism or more appropriately Sanatana Dharma is a way of life not a religion.

Sanatana Dharma is referred to as the dynamic lifestyle of Indian civilisation, a rich ancient culture striving to-date.

It is a perfectly structured lifestyle that encompasses a symbiotic interaction with mother Earth’s flora and fauna, celestial worlds of devas (gods) and asuras (demons) and the cosmos both material and spiritual (metaphysical).

The idea of religion had only come into existence in Kaliyugam, the age of quarrel and chaos which began about 5,000 years ago.

Puranic texts have recorded the history of mankind’s adherence to this pure lifestyle based on dharma or universal justice from time immemorial.

It is mankind’s good fortune that the unsurpassed Puranic literary treasures and existing historical monuments in India and all over the world keep alive this grand lifestyle called Sanata Dharma which agents of Kaliyuga had mindlessly tried to destroy and continue to do so.

An aspect of Sanatana Dharma is that God is the proprietor of all material resources and mover of all actions.

It is therefore necessary for all beings to seek the blessings of the Absolute Truth, God or His celestial agents before using material resources or carrying out any action including resolving problems.

It is therefore appropriate that we seek the blessings of the Absolute Truth in solving the serious problem of intensifying social ills prevalent among Malaysian Indian youths today.

Especially since the rise in social ills like gangsterism, drug abuse, alcoholism and illicit sex among our youths is linked to the distancing of the Malaysian Indian community from their indigenous Sanatana Dharma lifestyle.

The Sri Sakthi Ashram, a Sakthi Sampradaya Gurukulam which has reached out to about 15,000 Indian youths nationwide under its youth transformation programme over the year, says it now realises that the community needs the Supreme Divine Sakthi to intervene and assist them in winning the war against social ills.

The founder of the ashram based in Tangkak, Johor, Guruji Sakthipriyananda says the ashram has decided to seek Mother Goddess, Sri Ambal’s grace through a 48-day Sakthi Saadhana observance during this year’s Navarathri festival.

“I sincerely wish to invite all Malaysian Hindus to undertake the Sakthi Saadhana commencing from 13th August till Vijaya Dasami on 30th Sept.

“We need to realise that our unwavering prayers and steadfast upasana (worship) to Ambal encompassing Selfless commitment towards community is the only way out from the cancerous social ills problem that is destroying the fabric of Indian society in Malaysia today.”

The method to conduct Sakthi Saadhana is:
1. Be vegetarian for 48 days
2. Light a simple agal vilaku with ghee for 2-3 hours daily.
3. Chant “Om Sakthi” nine times a day and pray to Ambal to save and transform the risk youth group trapped in social ills like gangsterism, drug abuse, alcoholism, illicit sex or illegal activities.

Participants are also advised to give their feedback on the programme by answering five questions via the link:

For enquiries contact Guru Kannaji: 0129779476/ Sak.Agilan: 017-3025330/Sak.Segar: 0173065079. You can also visit their Facebook: sakthiashram, website: or send an e-mail to

By R. Sittamparam
Picture courtesy of Shakthi Ashram showing Guruji Sakthipriyananda performing Arathi for the Mother Goddess.

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