The Grip Of Infamy. Episode 20. By R. Sittamparam

Episode 20 (Scroll down the Literature section to read earlier episodes of this serialised Malaysian novel)

A secret meeting was held at Sanggaran Velu’s private residence in the Mereka city centre two days later.

The killed outrider Guru’s father, mother and elder brother were brought to meet Sanggaran Velu and Wira Pandian.

Sanggaran Velu sat in a big single seater sofa placed on a specially erected dais with two steps, in the large lounge area adjoining the main hall of the three storey bungalow.

He addressed Guru’s family much in the style of a village chieftain – raised chin, forthright gaze, right leg raised and crossed over the other; and hands gripping the sofa armrest.

Guru is dead and his great sacrifice cannot be denied asserted Sanggaran Velu.

His soul will rest in peace knowing the living members of his family are moving on to better things in life.

Let’s forget what has happened. I am sure Guru himself will agree that he died doing his duty.

He was a most dedicated staff who would not think twice about putting his life and honour at stake in carrying out his duty.

In fact that is what he has done. We will forever feel grateful for his selfless love and dedication to country, duty and leader.

Following this outpouring of his eulogy to the late Guru, Sanggaran Velu lifted himself out of his seat by straightening his stout hands to bear his body weight.

Slipping on his chappals he cautiously descended the two steps and ambled towards Guru’s family seated on the sofa to his right and held fast the hand of Guru’s father, Thennarasu.

Transferring a thick white envelope from his hand to Thennarasu’s, the MVP supremo hugged the 56-year-old retired labourer who presently worked as a security guard.

The rest of Guru’s family members immediately rose from the sofa in awe seeing Sanggaran Velu, the community leader and Cabinet Minister, engaging so intimately with them.

Their grief over Guru’s death disappeared from their minds and Sanggaran Velu’s magnanimity fully captivated their hearts.

An exclusive press conference was then arranged after the meeting attended by a reporter and cameraman from Alum Osai and crew from Untuksemua national news agency.

Thana who arrived at the house towards the end of the meeting joined the press conference.

After shaking hands with Sanggaran Velu he approached Guru’s family who still appeared mesmerised by the ambience of Sanggaran Velu’s house, their eyes darting here and there and overcome by the warm reception accorded them there.

The palms of his hand were pressed together in offering Vanakam to Guru’s family standing slightly crouched before them with a slight smile drawn across his grave face.

I am forever indebted to Guru who was one of my finest undercover staff at the Urban Empowerment Department.

He died in the line of duty and I would like to hand over the department’s gratuity and group security insurance payments amounting to 101,000 dollars to his family.

The family is also entitled to a monthly pension of 1,000 dollars.

Guru’s family members who got word of the payouts just a day ago, shook Thana’s hand thanking him, their countenance lit up by the unanticipated windfall.

The media spoke to Guru’s family getting them to voice their gratitude to the MVP, in particular its president for putting to rest the case of  Guru’s death.

Thennarasu told them the last few months had been a harrowing time for his family hearing all sorts of stories in the alternative media.

I am glad, MVP has put a closure on the matter so we can get on with life. We truly appreciate Tan Sri’s concern for us and the insurance money and pension given us by Guru’s boss.

Before leaving Sanggaran Velu’s house, the family members were asked to sign a declaration that they accepted Guru’s death in good faith and as an act of God.

One of Sanggaran Velu’s chauffeurs was then tasked to drive Guru’s family back home.

As soon as the family left, Sanggaran Velu held a quick meeting with Thana and Wira Pandian.

It was regarding election preparations in particular deploying Thana’s gang members for standby duty to keep Opposition supporters `under control’ during nomination, campaigning and on polling day.

On Thana’s suggestion, they also initiated the scheme to infiltrate MVP ranks and at the division and branch levels, to keep track and eliminate saboteurs and trouble makers including Datuk Seri G’s supporters.

Tan Sri, just leave the matter to me. In the next few days I will give you a full report of my boys’ deployment. They’ll ensure our election preparations go smoothly.

The following day the Prime Minister announced the date of the Nomination Day to be held in two weeks time followed by a 11-day Campaign Period and then Polling Day.

Thana’s trusted gang members running into about three hundred men, embarked on their duties immediately.

Removing their signature pointed goatees and layers of heavy gold chains; bulging rings complete with ear, nose and lip gold and silver piercings; the men mostly in their late teens, 20s and early 30s effectively merged within the ambit of the MVP youth supporter network.

All the events and characters portrayed in this serialised novel are fictional and any parallel with real life events or persons is purely coincidental.

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