Vayuyan “Aeroplane”

Yoga Programme 2020. Asana 4
16 February 2020
Vayuyan (Aeroplane) Asana

Performing this beautiful asana is like floating on air without wings. Yes! Vayuyan means ” aeroplane” – using our very own hands/legs to shape our body like an aeroplane.

Start from standing position and by stretching both hands sideways.
Balance with both feet grounded and slowly bend forward.

Now slowly lift up right leg backward, keeping it straight. At this moment try not to bend both the knees.

Align the body to assume the shape of an aeroplane. Stay for a few breaths or 10 counts.

For beginners – perform this asana while breathing freely. Focus on the breath/balance and feel comfortable.

Repeat the steps by changing legs.

Improves balance of body and mind. Concentration improves and gives one the feeling of floating in the sky.

Instructions and photograph by Personal Yoga Trainer K.B.Murale

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