The Grip Of Infamy. Episode 33. By R. Sittamparam

Episode 33 (Scroll down the Literature Section to read earlier episodes of this serialised novel)

At Thivya Chan’s next real date with Thiagu after a few brief meetings over the fortnight, she sought his advice on her aim to cut off completely from her former boss Thana’s patronage.

I have been thinking seriously about this since last night after Thana called about hiring me soon as receptionist at his new upgraded service centre.

I’m quite comfortable with my present job working under new MVP senator, Retnasekaran.

Thana rarely comes here though he calls regularly and I believe Retnasekaran despite being single and having a roving eye like most MVP leaders, knows enough not to mess with me.

I’m thinking of how to politely turn down Thana’s job offer. Any suggestions my dear.

Thiagu, seated close beside Thivya on a park bench partly concealed from the roving eyes of passing joggers, gave the petal like fingers of her right hand – casually resting in the open palm of his right hand – a gentle squeeze.

My dearest what is there to think. You’re an intelligent girl and I would very much love to see you continue your higher education.

Just tell Thana you’ve decided to quit working to further your studies. 

Tell him you’ve enough savings to fund your education if he offers to sponsor you which most likely he will, to keep you in his control. Be firm. He’ll even try to influence your mother.

We will find a college outside the city. Now my dear, tell me what course you wish to study?

Thivya was overjoyed with Thiagu’s quick thinking and firm conviction. 

A gentle breeze swept over the lake in front of the seated couple and gently caressed Thivya’s face ruffling the strands of loose hair around her ears. 

Taking the cue from mother nature Thivya threw her left arm around Thiagu’s neck and planted a quick kiss on his cheek.

That’s a wonderful idea. My dear, I have always wanted to study counselling to help out victimised young girls like those kept under my wicked mother’s control.

Many nights I used to sit up crying, reminiscing on the horrible stories I have heard from these girls. 

As a child I used to have dreams or was it daydreams, I’m not sure. In it I transform into a supergirl, kill my mother and her gang of pimps and fly the girls in the brothel back to the safety of their homes.

My darling, with you beside me I strongly believe my dream to save these girls will actually come true.

Thivya’s words had a strange effect on Thiagu and tears began to well up at his lower eyelids.

Being a gangster was not a personal choice for him. The heartless antisocial life of intimidation and thuggery was Thana’s legacy and Thiagu had adopted it without a thought.

He had visited the brothels operating under Thana’s protection in the city but never once seen the faces of the mostly foreign prostitutes holed up there.

The prostitutes he regarded as no different from dressed (or should it be undressed) chicken displayed at supermarkets. 

It was a sorry sight and wholly unpalatable and indecent.  

He himself definitely could never even dream of seeking the services of a prostitute. The consequence of a physical relationship with the opposite sex, he very simply associated with love and affection definitely not as business transaction.

As a teardrop trickled down his left cheek Thiagu held Thivya’s hands, raising them to touch his bowed forehead.

You are a true angel my dear. You are a fragrant lotus bloom rising from the mud all around. 

From this moment onwards I promise to dedicate my life to protect and nurture your kind loving, heart.

You’ve opened up my heart that all this while has known not how to give love and care for others.

I’m sore and bitter that my mother abandoned me but I don’t hate her or women in general. I just keep away from them. 

You, my dear have restored my faith in them.

Now more than ever he despised Thana and the legacy of crime he had adopted from him.

Thiagu did not mind being involved in the pau scheme as he regarded most business operators as mere profit mongers. Especially those trading in clearly non-essential items like lifestyle accessories, dubious health and cosmetic products and services, and luxury brands.

It was the gang’s involvement in brothels and processing and peddling of narcotics that had always irked him.

Since he was now resolved in challenging Thana’s authority to wrest Thivya from him, Thiagu felt the time to gain full control of Gang 202 had arrived.

But Thiagu knew it had to be done through diplomacy as he was fully aware Thana could not be defeated by direct confrontation.

All the events and characters portrayed in this serialised novel are fictional and any parallel with real life events or persons is purely coincidental.

Sittam Param

Writer, poet, dramatist and former journalist. I have passion for art in all its forms hence my involvement in this portal.

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