Sapthashree – Exploring Divine 7

Practice session

Suvarna Fine Arts  and Thiruchendur Dance Academy Present Sapthashree

Internationally renowned dancer, Dr. Ajith Bhaskaran Das continues his exploration of the nuanced numeric, 7 using the medium of Indian Carnatic dance and music to engage with the audience’s power of visualisation of this divine number.

The prolific choreographer whose emphasis on detail and perfection is phenomenal can be expected to give his audience an added perspective on this most intriguing, almost magical nuanced numeric.

Ajith explains thus: “Number seven is a unique number that has been revered in most civilisations  and cultures throughout human history. From religious mystical symbolisms to daily life rituals, the number seven has inexplicably entered our lives.

“Seven days of the week, seven colours of the rainbow, seven musical notes, seven deadly sins and the list is endless.” 

He adds: “Inspired  by this mystical numeric, this work explores the mythological  and cultural  significance of this number in Indian ethos.

“Using the versatile  Bharatha Natyam vocabulary and complex rhythmic permutations, ancient and contemporary texts, and evocative music and visuals, Sapthashree weaves this concept through imaginative choreography.”

In line with his penchant for sharing his extraordinary skills in and philosophy of Carnatic dance and music with like minded dance enthusiasts, he is engaging with yet another Kuala Lumpur based dance guru to join the second season of Sapthashree.

In today’s performance of Sapthashree, Ajith and students of Suvarna are collaborating with Dr. Sai Raja Rajeswari who runs the Thiruchendur Dance Academy.

Sai Raja Rajeswari is an accomplished dancer and teacher who performs regularly on various productions locally and abroad together with her dedicated students.

Ajith and Sai Raja Rajeswari

The performance will start at 7.30pm in the Shantanand Auditorium at the Temple of Fine Arts in Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur.

Live music accompaniment for the performance will be provided by an orchestra of home grown musicians who will render an original music score by Dr. Vasudevan Iyengar and Sri Satish Venkatesh.

Tickets for the show has already been sold out.

Kindly contact the following numbers for invitations:

Girrja Mohandass: +60122904372

Asha Nair: 


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