Relaunching Drama Campaign With Narasimhan

Lord Narasimhan’s fury after killing demon king Hiranyakasipu

The staging of Narasimhan drama at the Educational, Welfare & Research Foundation (EWRF) Kajang fundraising dinner held at the PJ Civic Centre last Friday, served to relaunch portal’s Puranic Drama campaign.

Involving seven boys from the weekly EWRF education intervention programme and a student of SJKT Ladang Semenyih who played Bhakta Prahlad, the drama drew loud applause from the audience.

The student actors gave their best performance and most importantly, in line with the Puranic Drama campaign, thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

The Puranic Drama campaign that started 30 years ago at the Sree Muniswarar AmmanTemple Cultural Centre in DBKL Quarters, was aimed at curbing the negative influence of commercial Tamil cinema on Malaysian Indian youth.

We pick stories from the Puranas and epics like Ramayanam and Mahabharatam for our dramas as these timeless stories are inspirational and can help with character development for children and youths.

Several productions including Kannavataram, Ramayana, Govardhana and Narasimhan were done using chidren of DBKL Quarters between 1983 and 1989.

Drama truly has the power to capture the imagination of children, youths as well as adults. It is amazing to see the keenness of children to play the roles of divine avatars, gods and demons.

Tayshan Raj who played Narasimhan, Suria Narayanan as Varaha, Gautham as Hiranyaksha and Elangash as Brahma were exemplary and they showed their versatility by also handling several other roles.

Of course G. Yuvanesh as Hiranyakasipu and Kaviyazhini Kalidas as Prahladan were both outstanding.

According to Bharata Muni’s Natya Sastra which is regarded as the fifth Veda, characters in a drama should be larger than life in order to capture the imagination of audiences.

The second staging of Narasimhan is on October 17 at the 3rd day of Navarathri Vizha of the Sri Muniswarar Amman Alayam at 2 1/2 miles Cheras Road where the former Cheras DBKL Quarters, the birthplace of our drama campaign, was located.

We at which is the cultural arm of Sintram House Of Heritage are planning more drama productions for the coming future.

Actors in our first drama, Kannavataram in the ’80s


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