Escape From The Herders by R. Sittamparam

The Seekers

Chapter 1. Episode 1 (part 3)

The seekers reverentially probed the intellectual principle of the Cosmic creation including the bountiful resources of earth’s ecosystem to uncover the countless hidden pariharam (remedies) to mankind’s earthly problems such as disease, natural disasters and ill fortune.

Unlike the armchair researchers holed up in high tech. laboratories operating under the thumbs of industrialists, to discover ways and means to manufacture vile quick fix products that fool the masses into thinking they are being cured/saved by the white coated sentinels. A blind faith that keeps the multi trillion dollar allopathic medical services industry thriving.

Conducted as devotional service for the good of all creation, the research work conducted by the sages had successfully mapped out every aspect of the Absolute science gearing this Cosmos.

There was nothing left unravelled by the loin cloth attired seekers residing deep inside forests, caves or mountain tops, who functioned as humble, self realised students of divinely appointed sages.

Sittam Param

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