Have Compassion For Our 2nd Mother, Gomatha

Title : Milk of Love !

O ! Magnificient Mother of compassion, for the mighty  creation  sent forth !

The Sacred Cow as amongst Seven Mothers for sustenance upon the beautiful Earth !

Epitome of blessings for Civilizations in the days of yore —
The milk that nurtured humanity,

For the finest of the  brain to manifest on Prthvi !

The embodiment of Vedas milked into nectar for Arjuna to blossom into bhakti,

The srutis and smritis to invoke blessings of Devas on earth for prosperity !

Yet , greater art thou the reflection of  Thine for Golok Dham’s
Surabhi ;

For the greatest of Lover, Sri Krishna to frolick on the  lush green  pastures with Gopas and His sweet Gopis !

But, Alas ! Mother Earth bears the  weight of mighty Himalaya’s mountain and oceans deep without fear !

But trembles now for She bears not the weight of sins heaped upon the gentle cow full of tears !

Sharp daggers and swords like lightning come striking on the Gentle Mother to butcher!

For the ferocious palate of the so-called civilizations of refined beasts full of greed and economic power !

To rape the innocence of Mother Earth whose milk of love from Her udder ,
Has fed humanity only to be killed and plundered in Kaliyuga with screams of ‘.. ma..ma .ma”. from the Gentle Mother !

In dire agony Mother Earth shall shed bloody tears !

To flood the Earth into a pandemonium of human blood to fear !

With wars staining her sacred mantle with sanguinary shrouds !

Pritvi shall shake and quake – fire and brim stones ,

And heave forth from her hardened breasts;

Hail stones and rocks, tsunami and floods,

In tempestuous rage for all to shiver and quiver !

For Mankind shall hurt Her no more –  Our  Great Gentle Mother,

Whose Milk of life fed humanity on earth with her bounty through Mother Nature!

My little call to venerate Mother Cow ! !

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Sittam Param

Writer, poet, dramatist and former journalist. I have passion for art in all its forms hence my involvement in this portal.

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