Happy Rama Navami.

Title- O Blessed
Ramnavami !

Hail to Thee O Merciful Rama !
Blue like sky, tender and calm.

Like lotus bloom Thy graceful eye and Holy feet,

Granter of bliss in Thy Name if with devotion we seek.

Sporting Thy quiver, arrows and bow,
Ramayana is full of Thy deeds making hearts aglow.

O My Raghuvira, ” How to Thee this wretched Kanna shall pray ? ”
Even the noblest of saints cried to thee for ages at Thy feet laid !

”Wisdom and devotion I lack, for great is Thy might,
Like a mere glow worm I am , but Thou art the Sunlight !

Thou art the crest Jewel of the Solar race,
To string the mighty Cosmic Bow of Shiva to brace !

By whose Name alone Salvation is granted by Lord Shiva,

For the mortals to be freed from the clutches of miseries of Maya .

On this blessed Ramnavami,

Grant me dharmic traits with detachment and faith complete,

Company of Sadhusanga to chant Thy Name with love at Thy Holy feet .

May I sing Thy glories with hymns for my soul to be thrilled,

Voice moved with only love , eyes with tears to be filled .

”Of wisdom and of Maya let me know,
By devotion to my Gurudev for Mercy gate way to Thee show.

May Thy Name build the bridge to cross life’s earthly span,
Lead me , O Lord from darkness to light , O Flag of Surya clan !

As, Thou with Mother Sita in the woods of my heart adorn,
Within my heart I shall always seek Thy beautiful form.

Be pleased upon me ,O Lord I entreat,
Grant me devotion to Guru, Sadhu and Sastras for Thy blessing to seek.

On this blessed Ramnavami —

O Lord in my heart please, I pray Thou ever abide,

With the Darshan of beautiful Mother Sita, Laksman, and Hanumanji by Thy
side !

Jai, Jai Sri Ram.
Jai, Jai Sri Ram
Jai, Jai Sri Ram.

Sittam Param

Writer, poet, dramatist and former journalist. I have passion for art in all its forms hence my involvement in this portal.

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