Grip of Infamy. Episode 18. By R. Sittamparam

Episode 18 (Scroll down the Literature section to read earlier episodes of this serialised Malaysian novel)

The CWC meeting was underway with the main agenda being the selection of candidates for the coming GE which also included the State elections.

Sanggaran Velu read out the proposed list of candidates for both the total of 30 Parliamentary and State seats which The Bigger Alliance leadership had allotted to MVP.

Datuk Seri PG’s name was missing from the list and a murmur went through the council and died off as Sanggaran Velu continued his speech.

This coming GE will be a tough one for The Bigger Alliance and as you see I have included many new faces especially from the younger set. Of course… some of the old guard have to give way for this you see ….

One of Datuk Seri PG’s supporters, Karthigesu Ganesan who had also been dropped in the list interrupted the speech protesting loudly holding the microphone at his table and shouting forcefully into it.

Tan Sri himself is the oldest guard here but his name is still here … together with many other deadwood members, you see …

Thana who had been named a candidate for a safe MVP seat in the northern Kerapi state, stood up and waving his forefinger shouted out a threat to Karthigesu.

How dare you speak like that! You want to be thrown out of this meeting anne?

Datuk Seri PG got up from his seat to support his man.

What is wrong with pointing out an injustice.

Don’t show your gangster tactics here Thana. I would like to ask how you can be named a candidate with your background and the recent shooting case.

Wira Pandian slammed down his fist on the table and jumped up as if ready to fling his fist towards Datuk Seri PG who was seated about three seats away from him.

You backstabber, you. You are lucky you are still in this committee. Are you trying to create trouble here?

Sanggaran Velu cooly picked up his speech notes from the podium and turned towards the door and exited from the meeting.

The party secretary Vettrivel Gaunder took the podium and announced that since the president had left prematurely, the meeting would be called off until further notice.

Chairs, plates, cups and saucers began flying all around the conference room and Datuk Seri PG was quickly whisked away from the room by his supporters who formed a protective circle around him.

Thana was pleased at the outcome of the meeting as his candidature was now confirmed and he knew Sanggaran Velu had had his way in blocking out Datuk Seri PG and distancing him from The Bigger Alliance power base.

When the media including Seema of Status Quo confronted him outside the meeting room, he kept his emotions down and wore a look of total self composure.

Our leader has made his choice. Choosing to inject new blood into our party that has of late been pushed to a lower level of appreciation among our people.

Our party has suffered from disunity caused by power hungry and irresponsible subordinates of our ever progressive and dynamic leader who since taking over, had single handedly lifted the party and our community to greater heights of dignity and respect among the multi-racial population of Merekasia.

Today’s incident has indeed exposed the true colours of these traitors and highlighted their evil deeds.

I call on the people to reject these traitors and force them to get out and stop undermining the strength and unity of our great party.

As an electoral candidate I pledge to give my utmost by way of hard work and dedication towards our beloved Tan Sri to help raise the party to its former glory so that we may win the hearts and minds of every quarter of our community.

We hope to prove this with a 100 per cent victory of all the seats entrusted to MVP by The Bigger Alliance for the coming election.

Seema interrupted Thana. Sir, will you have preferred to contest in the Mereka capital city if given the chance?

Thana looked at Seema as if contemplating her purpose in asking the question and seeing the twinkle in her adoring eyes instantly realised what she wanted him to say.

I have no qualms about contesting anywhere. I have total faith in the leadership of MVP and that of The Bigger Alliance. I believe they know what is best for me.

Thana’s heart sank when The People’s Voice microphone was suddenly thrust before his face and Lim’s familiar voice rang painfully in his ear.

Have Police cleared you of the shooting and video case Mr Thana? If not how can you be given a seat to contest in the coming GE?

Thana shrunk back momentarily glaring angrily at the stern looking face of the diminutive Lim – peering out of the crowd of journalists and cameramen surrounding him – his right hand fully stretched out holding the oversized microphone.

Noticing Seema who seemed to be signalling with her darting eyes calling on him to calm down, Thana moved his face slightly upwards and twisted his lips to form a half smile before he replied.
Why don’t you ask the Police that question Mr Lim?

All the events and characters portrayed in this serialised novel are fictional and any parallel with real life events or persons is purely conincidental.

Sittam Param

Writer, poet, dramatist and former journalist. I have passion for art in all its forms hence my involvement in this portal.

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