Natarajasana – Dance Pose

Asana 3
Presented by Personal Yoga Instructor K.B. Murale.

This week’s Asana is a popular pose which is most commonly practiced by many individuals.

The pose develops bodily strength, balances the nervous systems and also helps develop mental concentration.

Ideal for the back which it strengthens together with shoulders and arms. Is excellent for the hips and legs while also increasing one’s stability.

From a standing position bend the right leg and hold the toes with the right hand. Inhale and prepare to project out.

Keep the left arm and fingers straight and while exhaling slowly arch forward.

Be mindful of your body flexibility and balance. Hold the position for 5 counts (normal breathing). Inhale from the position and as you exhale release the toes and gradually come back to standing position. Do both sides.

Benefits: Excellent for strengthening the back, shoulders and arms. Improves concentration and balance. And delivers strength to the hips and legs.

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