Ode To The Mother Goddess

Title: O’ Maa Kathayani!

Like a pearl Thou shine on the colours of Navarathri so bright,

Like a Jewel to grace the souls slumbering in the darkness of the night!

Thou art the gyrating waves of Mahamaya,

Manifesting the fathomless shadow potency of Yogamaya!

With glamour, strength and prowess, Thou rule the mortals with showers of immaculate mercy,

The release from the imprisonment of karmic shackles with Thy supreme majestic gravity!

Riding on Thy Tigress with Trisur to battle with those in Thy grip of illusion that dare!

Yet, like a cooling moonlight Thou pave the Royal path of devotion to release those in trappings of Triguna fares!

Ever to awake the slumbering souls with the miseries of Mayic snares,

Yet, the cardinal virtues to seek salvation by Thy devotees are so very rare!

Thou come to the mortals like rumbling thunder of birth and death terror to sound!

But, Alas! as Mother Kathayani the gift to the beautiful Gopis to dance with Sri Krishna, Thou bestowed in sweetness of the groves of Vrindavane around!

O’ Mother Divine

From life to life may my love crystallise like a Jewel for Radha and Krishna and Sadhusangha by Thy grace,

To cut assunder the shackles of Thy threefold miseries in the light of Pure Bhakti for my soul to relish!

”Kathayani Mahamaya Maa Yogin-
Yatiishwari Nanda Gopam Sutam Devi Patiim Me Kurute Namaha.

Kanna- My humble composition on Navaratri as a longing for Devotion for the lotus feet of Radha and Krishna.

Poem by poet/singer Kanna

Sittam Param

Writer, poet, dramatist and former journalist. I have passion for art in all its forms hence my involvement in this portal.

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