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Yoga is the science of attaining bliss through the unity of body, mind and soul. And Hatha Yoga is the system of physical techniques practiced by persons wishing to attain this unity.
Hatha means forceful in Sanskrit and is comprised of the words ‘ha’ (sun) and ‘tha’ (moon) indicating that the system is essentially the practice of balance through various asanas (poses).
Hatha Yoga has become highly popular worldwide as a form of exercise with classes focused on alignment and an emphasis on physical and mental benefits of individual asanas.
However in addition to asana practice, traditional Hatha Yoga includes pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation which is at the heart of the temple in Hatha Yoga.
Balamurale Krishnan our resident Yoga instructor says that although the concept and teaching of Yoga may be ancient it is clearly seen that it can be applied to modern times.
“We all need some kind of impetus to reactivate/generate that drive within. As simple as it may sound the *eight limbs (ashtanga) of Yoga actually defines today’s culture.”
Balamurale who is a personal Yoga trainer and also teaches Std 6 students at SRJKT Ladang Rinching in Semenyih, Selangor says there are many mysteries, secrets and great knowledge embedded within oneself that Yoga can unlock.
“The way I approach Yoga is through daily practice of Pranayama which is an excellent tool to open the seven gems within, namely our Chakras (centres of spiritual power/energy) to attain inner peace.
“In my younger days I was exposed to art, music and religion but nothing came close in transforming my life as the journey into the unknown through Yoga.”
Look out for Balamurale’s instructions on executing the Crow Pose (Bakasana) demonstrated in the above photograph and which strengthens the arms, wrist and core of the entire body while improving one’s sense of balance.

You can interact with Balamurale better known as K.B. Murale via: https://www.facebook.com/K.B.Murale , https://www.instagram.com/beyondyoga_by_k.b.murale/

*The eight limbs of yoga are yama (abstinences), niyama (observances), asana (yoga postures), pranayama (breath control), pratyahara (withdrawal of the senses), dharana (concentration), dhyana (meditation) and samadhi (absorption).
Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ashtanga_(eight_limbs_of_yoga)

Photograph by K.B. Murale

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