Escape From The Herders (main story)

Is Disease Their Wealth

By R. Sittamparam

We are starting this new serialised novel which tells the tale of a community of seekers who are trying to save Mother Earth and its inhabitants from an elite community of evil billionaires who plan to transform the world’s people into maddened consumers. The novel will come to you through a regular series of episodes.

Chap. 1. Episode 1 and 2 (Part 1-7)

The white coat sentinels mostly, were themselves unclear on the psychological impact of their fraternity’s role in providing quick fixes to ‘cure’ ailments of the maddening crowd of  sick people constantly seeking their help.

But it was enough for them – the honour and adulation earned on their acceptance into this famed position that carried a lifelong honorific attached to their names.

‘Twas glorious, even gaining entrance for pursuing the arduous training to transform an ordinary human being into a full fledged sentinel who was placed on a pedestal as guardian angel or a god by the masses. 

According to Seekers International (SeekIn)’s worldwide post Covix19 pandemic statement, the exalted position of white coat sentinels in the world was cemented through a long process of brainwashing via modern education and propagandist literature over several centuries, modern populist dramas and movies; and authorisation via mainstream media.

The tactic was always the same SeekIn points out – pitting newly minted whitecoat sentinels against aged village healers who were traditionally sanctioned by generations of elders to safeguard villagers’ health. 

The expertise of the traditional healers was passed down through disciplic succession over the ages.

The knowledge was based on findings of field research and trials conducted by countless generations of divinely inspired seekers.

The seekers reverentially probed the intellectual principle of the Cosmic creation including the bountiful resources of earth’s ecosystem, to unravel countless hidden pariharam (remedies) to mankind’s problems such as disease, natural disasters and ill fortune.

Unlike armchair researchers holed up in high tech. laboratories operating under the thumbs of industrialists, to discover ways and means to manufacture vile quick fix products that fool the masses into thinking they are being cured/saved by the unholy fraternity’s frontmen, the white coated sentinels. For instance in a common movie scene a critically injured protagonist, his body riddled with deep stab wounds and a bullet or two is rushed to a hospital and after tense scenes outside an operating theatre with red light flashing above the closed door, a sweating white coated sentinel steps out to announce that the patient is out of danger. Such scenes played out in practically every populist movie has reinforced the masses’ faith in white coated sentinels.

A blind faith that keeps the multi trillion dollar allopathic medical services industry thriving despite the masses having to pay astronomic sums of money to private hospitals and clinics for medical treatment.

The masses easily forget the obvious fact that research work conducted as devotional service for the good of all creation by the sages had successfully mapped out every aspect of the Absolute science gearing this Cosmos including physical, subtle and spiritual ailments faced by mankind and other beings of the world.

Poring through the vast literatures detailing the sages’ achievements, Kali, SeekIn’s founder and administrator-in-chief said he had realised early in life that there was nothing left unravelled by the loin cloth attired seekers residing deep inside forests or mountain tops, who functioned as humble, self realised students of divine sages.

Practical application of these findings allowed people to live long healthy lives focussed on higher ideals, giving little thought to disease and death though wholly accepting the inevitable consequence of these ailments as the repercussions of their karma (fruits of actions past and present).

Returning to his initial objective of exposing the evil scheme of the sentinel masters, Kali began to unravel the details of the scheme.

The attire of the white coated sentinels was fashioned in the likeness dint of iconic appearance of the Church priests who sanctioned the Western colonial looters to overrun much of the world since around BCE 1400, with the decree to salvage the souls of the ‘savages of the East’, and supposedly oversee people’s sins.

These sentinels were in turn offered to the masses in the 19th Century by the industrialists whitewashers of all bodily ailments, even death itself to replace the waning influence of the overzealous missionaries.

Though equipped with a simplistic and unduly stretched out diagnosis, and shilly-shally treatment methods that only cause great discomfort and psychological stress to patients, the white coated sentinels used their iconic image and subtle scare tactics, to win over the masses.

Their bait is the administering of quick fixes using toxic animal tested drugs like painkillers, antibiotics and steroids to manage disease symptoms that trouble patients.

Knowingly, the white coated sentinels help to create a host of horrific side effects for patients, perpetrated by their quick fix treatment routine.

But ultimately the objective of the white coated sentinels, it would seem, was to turn the quick fixes they offered together with supplementary drugs, vitamins and minerals prescribed to treat the subsequent side effects, into high profit generating products.

And the masses are coerced into buying these products as a necessary aspect of the decadent lifestyle of modern society. The mushrooming of private chemist chains is testimony to this ploy.

Acting as purveying agents of such products churned out by the white coated sentinel’s fellow collaborators, the Great Physic, both icons thus fattened their profits.

But the masses readily fell into their trap egged on by constant fear propagation tactics including continuous warnings of a rise in lifestyle diseases like diabetes, heart problems, cancer etc.; epidemics and pandemics by health authorities and politicians in cahoots with the global health monitoring organisation.

Kali pointed out that Great Physic with its exorbitant takings was known to duly pay sweeteners and fat commissions to those facilitating the sales and consumption of their products adding:

So it is that despite the profession’s glaring discrepancies, these white coat sentinels have become an essential and highly sought after icon of materialistic modern life.

Kali said he was aware of the other sentinel positions that young minds were steered into pursuing by parents, peers and the academic world, the latest being the sentinels tasked with keeping the cog wheels of technology turning. He explained such:

These tech sentinels are required to create products and services oozing with mass appeal to promote consumerism, create bigger and bigger markets and thus enhance continuous growth of greedy corporations. 

Technology today infiltrates the lives of every sentient being of the world and has successfully captured their total imagination. Their minds held in awe, writhing in amazement, with a constant desire to possess the magical gadgets including tools to lighten housework, high tech electronic toys for children like video games and communication cum entertainment implements that are being aggressively promoted and churned out by mega manufacturers. The job of massive promotion engines utilised by industrialists’ PR (public relations) units is to manipulate the supply and demand law of economics to keep prices of their products always rising. By creating demand.through brainwashing of consumers.

The gadget yearning consumers create the demand to oil the growth of such industries, that in turn are supported with provisions of multi billion dollar debts by capital/fund mongers who control the world economy by dictating the movement of the global markets. A vicious cycle within which is perpetually trapped, the ignorant public.

The latest gadget to weave its magic on the human race, is the smartphone aptly named for its role in decimating the spirit of independent thought and action of adults, children and even babies.

This gadget is now the intimate companion of every human individual of the world. Telecommunication towers that radiate high intensity microwave emissions providing coverage for smartphones have now manifested as the latest environmental hazard for earthly denizens.

Kali admitted that the ultimate appeal for him in his student days had been to attain the post of white coated sentinel, a profession mostly favoured by scions of the rich and elite in Asian society, something that he had taken to heart in his formative years.

I heard elders deifying the white coat sentinels almost worshipping them, seeking their mercy to save the masses from the army of bacteria, viruses and natural disasters and disturbances supposedly being cast upon them by natural forces.

In the imagination of the masses – well indoctrinated by rote learned academics and an education system shaped by industrialists and dictators – the natural world around us is the source of all our sufferings and represents a fearful threat to human lives and is a looming danger to human families. Linking this to white washing act of misdemeanour, to the Colonialists, Kali continued his announcement:

This brand of history perpetuated by Colonialists from the West also glorifies materialistic society and regard all other indigenous human societies that choose to live in harmony with the natural world as barbarians and ignorant savages.

Modernist materialistic society is supposed to have successfully settled most of the world’s population within the safe limits of cities and towns far away from the ‘wild’ world of nature. 

And provided them with safe, fenced homes fitted with all the amenities of modern life such as piped water, electricity and lights, cooking fuel, indoor toilets, beds, furniture and communication aids, entertainment outlets etc.

We see today that the so-called human development over the last century is actually a brutal onslaught on the human psyche, the sanctity of our natural environment and planet Earth.

Pointing the finger at the masses he adds:

Greed and ignorance of modern society has turned life on Earth unbearable for truth seekers and compassionate beings.

Although our Earth is referred to in ancient texts as Asasvatam (temporary), Dukhalayam (place of suffering) and Mrthyulokam (realm of death), it is also regarded as a region of experiential learning and launchpad for spiritual liberation and transcendental life.

It is this human opportunity that is being jeopardised by the errant pathway of modern society.

Kali now in his senior years now said he was no more enamoured by the lure of becoming a white coat sentinel, having realised in his late 20s that becoming a physician of the establishment was not the best way to serve humanity. 

Kali said he regarded his failure to become a white coat sentinel in his youth as a blessing in disguise adding:

In fact I am thankful for my repeated failure in pre-university exams that I had asininely pursued over five years in my bid to study medicine.

For the five years period of dedicated ‘study’ much of which was spent at the Selangor Library, I was constantly distracted from my exam study material, by books on philosophy, spiritualism, arts and culture.

This gave me an opportunity to mould myself into a modern day seeker.

He added that the role of seeker comes with the dual mission to unravel the absolute truth through astute observation, self introspection voracious reading and exploration to dispel the hypocrisy of industry-driven higher education and modernisation.

He enunciated the seeker’s challenge such:

The seeker’s tool is art, the medium of creative expression that the sentinel masters were hell bent on suppressing using gadgets and online applications (Apps, in tech sentinel jargon) like the smartphone, Artificial Intelligence (AI), the social media and corporate sales & service Apps and of course the spreading of misinformation on the Worldwide Web (www) or Internet.

Although having heard of the latest AI App, ChatGPT, said to be a major threat to the capability of creative people like writers, poets and artists; Kali said he remained sceptical of the App’s implications.

Using chatbots (data assimilating search engine robots) the App could create instant essays, stories, poems and even novels besides producing documentaries, videos and content for social media, promotions and advertising.

Kali said he preached the science of individualistic thought and creative pursuit of dreams and aspirations as opposed to indoctrination and conformity.

As you would individually perceive and describe the beauty and fragrance of a rose, its softness to touch, sweet lingering aroma or fluttery structure.

Unlike a chatbot that merely rehashes online data, which of late we are realising is becoming increasingly compromised and dubious.

ChatGPT is the hot subject of debate within academic circles today. Is it because the ivory tower of academia – the storehouse of knowledge, has been infiltrated? 

All available knowledge in soft copy or online will be made available to Chat Gpt, so mechanically it functions as the global data bank. 

Indeed the popularity of ChatGPT could make institutions of higher learning obsolete. After all, these industry- driven institutions are merely training students to rehash existing data required to turn them into servants of industry.

Universities and colleges are currently functioning just as the chatbots, dishing out employment related courses while slowly phasing out genuine research into fundamental fields of study. To pursue mundane, exploitative industrial R&D (Research & Development) under the dictates of their corporate funders. To maintain the status quo of the modern Westernised world (which started with colonisation of the rest of the world by Western nations).

Kali said he therefore welcomed fads like ChatGPT as they could become spoilers, to set free young people from unnecessarily wasting their formative years, slogging under the rote learning mill of profit oriented institutions of higher learning.

Other similar online Apps had in recent years helped liberate aspiring singers, dancers, actors and other born artists and entertainers, by providing them with virtual platforms to showcase their talents. 

Artists can now seek popularity using their innovative genius and diligence alone without relying on established agents, recording studios, art galleries, cinema producers, event organisers and book publishers who had monopolised the production and promotion of works of art all this while. Indeed many self made artists are making a name for themselves while many more mediocre show persons and pretenders are also throwing themselves into the limelight using such Apps.

Kali said he could foresee the demise of money grabbing institutions of higher learning with their wares of expensive courses soon.

This inevitable event would unfurl when parents fully understand their children’s individuality and intrinsic desires if our youngsters’ individuality and development of intrinsic desires/talents and allow these attributes to naturally flower and fructify.

As the education system today appears to be obsessed with stifling our children’s individuality. Forcing young minds to adopt the twin tools of abidance – compromise and hypocrisy, to achieve a uniform modern human thought process or global mind synchronisation.

The modern academics have been duly transformed into purveyors of brainwashing modules engineered by corporate money mongers, religious fanatics/ racists and political dictators. 

Knowingly or out of ignorance today’s academics are working towards the enslavement of young minds – moulding them into a gullible workforce, an avid consumer and voter bank for power crazy politicians. 

So it’s no surprise that today’s children should prefer learning from smart robots, based on current surveys, rather than a boring human teacher who parrots industry driven rhetoric.

Realising this, Kali added that he was now convinced of the fact that he and every other student who were and still are disinterested in school studies, are not morons but rather true individualists.

Not ashamed of their great disservice to humanity, unthinking, incompetent and totally uncommitted teachers are known to habitually bully their disinterested young wards using various forms of punishment.

Kali remembered the tense situation of his early school days when he dreaded the frequent canings including the ‘pants down’ caning on students’ bare bottoms, for ‘serious’  offences like not doing maths homework.

On learning and testing the formulae of the ancient Vedic Maths system that uses creative methods to solve problems, Kali had realised that the difficulty in learning mathematics in his early years was not his mental weakness rather the inadequacy of the British/Western based secular (read as material) education system. 

This had alerted Kali to join fellow seekers to probe into ancient treatise or `Shastras’ to uncover more essential truths.

On Kali’s part he was using his in depth understanding of the English language and Western ideology, to uncover the knowledge storehouse of the world’s ancient academia that had been recorded partly or wholly by scholars cum missionaries from the West and Middle East during Colonial times with the sole aim of manipulating the knowledge and using it to proselytise the masses.

Students eagerly training for a Magic Maths (based on Vedic Maths) competition at SJKT Segambut, Kuala Lumpur

These records are now made available on the Worldwide Web in various websites with the originals preserved within dedicated books in old libraries.

Vedic Maths for instance, he learnt was a collection of formulae ingrained within the Atharva Veda in the form of ‘Sutras’ (threads of knowledge within Sanatana Dharma texts) for solving problems in basic arithmetic, algebra, geometry, calculus, etc. 

In drafting a ‘modern’ national education system for India, the dictatorial British Raj deliberately cast aside the entire body of India’s home grown academia based on Vedic and Siddha sciences as mythology and superstition. 

But the crafty British academia conveniently plagiarised many valuable aspects of Indian scientific, philosophical and spiritual findings like Vedic Maths, Ayurvedic/Siddha Medicine (Science of Vata/Pitta/Kapha) and works of physician Charaka (Charaka Samhita), Nagarjuna (Chemistry/Metallurgy) and surgeon Sushruta (Sushruta Samhita), Patanjali (Yoga Sutra), etc.

The band of theology scholars working hand in glove with the British Raj, were able to interpret these sastras, though never contextually and incorporated their flimsy interpretations within their own country’s academia. 

Similar acts of plagiarism had occurred in other parts of Asia like China, Africa and South America that were also colonised by European empires, and North America, Canada and Australasia that were annexed by hordes of land grabbers sanctioned by the empires.

However at the core of Kali’s societal concerns was health and wellbeing of the masses, which he noted was now a major source of income for the sentinel masters, the elite billionaire community.

Hospitals both run by government and leech-like corporations have become hives of activities. A hospital visit with a close relative yet uninitiated to his revelations about the gross shortcomings of allopathic medicine had unleashed from within/without Kali a poetic expression of his disgust.  

Kali’s long greying shoulder-length hair and flowing beard moved in orchestra with the dancing of the eyebrows while he recited the poem, with the lines appearing as footnotes on his live YouTube broadcast.

A second home for some

The hospital, a refuge

for human frailties

The vahana (vehicle) misdirected

Drives one’s spirit

Disease’s way led

Mind and body injured

Seeking comfort

Sobbing for care

Trapped, body conscious

A body’s craving

Enslaved mind

At manas’ beckoning now

Senses a ruling

Buddhi (intellect) blinded

Bound over by an industry

Health trading

Hope purchases

White coated priests win

one’s allegiance

Wants’ fulfilling

On ending his recital Kali took a deep breath before continuing his announcement:

Three years of Koxi2’19 pandemic lockdowns, mandatory donning of facemasks, movement restrictions including border closures and enforced vaccinations has totally transformed public perception on health issues.

The majority swung in favour of the health authorities that blindly followed the Healthy World Organisation (HWO)’s directives for mandatory vaccination.

Kali admitted that he was among a minority of independent minded individuals who could see through the vaccine-pushing agenda of Great Physic.

He was among the pool of unvaccinated people whom, HWO and the national health authority, had accused of being a stumbling block to their endeavour to achieve herd immunity among the population as a means of blocking the virus spread.

Kali said he knew well enough that immunity was achieved naturally, through bodily initiative and necessity. And that quick fix vaccines doled out by the white coat sentinels on Big Physic’s insistence, through subtle means, sugar coated with fat commissions and gifts, and employment of authoritarian decree, were a major health risk and vicious trap to make people permanently reliant on allopathy medicine.

Kali’s biggest challenge henceforth was to rescue the masses including his relative that he was forced to regularly take to the public university medical training facility, from the grip of the white coated sentinels. 

In his relative’s case, he said he was up against a department head at the university hospital who labelled her as a sufferer of Acute Degenerative Suicide Cell Syndrome (ADSCSYN) causing the patient much anxiety. He added:

It is such concocted disease terminologies that enable the fraternity to continue their dominance over the masses and help to feed the growth of Big Physio which thrives on creation of products for ever new symptoms attributed to such medical fabrication. Hence the explosion of disease terminology in HWO’s international registry of causes of mortality and morbidity that stretches into thousands and will continue to grow as medical research by the white coated sentinels’ fraternity, funded by Big Physio ‘discovers’ more and more unique diseases and health conditions, necessary to fuel the funder’s growth.

Kali said he tried explaining to his relative that if she continues fulfilling all the appointments scheduled for her by the white coated sentinels at the hospital she was willingly offering herself as a guinea pig or laboratory rat to be used by the university faculty running the hospital, for the teaching of their medical students.

At this juncture Kali let out a short disjointed chuckle, enunciating sick amusement mixed with pain and continued.

The joke is the university collects hundreds of thousands in fees from its students’ gullible parents while it lures the masses through its hospitals to serve as free guinea pigs to facilitate the bulk of the students’ learning process.

Sittam Param

Writer, poet, dramatist and former journalist. I have passion for art in all its forms hence my involvement in this portal.

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