Escape From The Herders by R. Sittamparam (Episode 2. part 7. Main story below)

Robot teacher preference

So it’s no surprise that today’s children should prefer learning from smart robots, based on current surveys, rather than a boring human teacher who parrots industry driven rhetoric.

Realising this, Kali added that he was now convinced of the fact that he and every other student who were and still are disinterested in school studies, are not morons but rather true individualists.

Not ashamed of their great disservice to humanity, unthinking, incompetent and totally uncommitted teachers are known to habitually bully their disinterested young wards using various forms of punishment.

Kali remembered the tense situation of his early school days when he dreaded the frequent canings including the ‘pants down’ caning on students’ bare bottoms, for ‘serious’  offences like not doing maths homework.

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