Escape From The Herders by R. Sittamparam (Episode 2. part 6. Main story below)

Teachers need to enhance children’s individuality

As the education system today appears to be obsessed with stifling our children’s individuality. Forcing young minds to adopt the twin tools of abidance – compromise and hypocrisy, to achieve a uniform modern human thought process or global mind synchronisation.

The modern academics have been duly transformed into purveyors of brainwashing modules engineered by corporate money mongers, religious fanatics/ racists and political dictators. 

Knowingly or out of ignorance today’s academics are working towards the enslavement of young minds – moulding them into a gullible workforce, an avid consumer and voter bank for power crazy politicians. 

Sittam Param

Writer, poet, dramatist and former journalist. I have passion for art in all its forms hence my involvement in this portal.

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