Don’t Let Your Children Watch Jailer

A newly minted hammer wielding Tamil movie villain with a penchant for puffing cigars, a habit dittoed by a host of veteran actors playing cameo roles in ‘Jailer’ as hardened ex-jailbirds, makes one wonder if the movie’s an advertorial for mafia moguls and cigar suppliers. (Like how saree and cosmetic jewellery suppliers do their marketing via melodrama serials)

Violence, unnecessary violence and more violence! That sums up ageing superstar Rajinikanth’s latest blockbuster movie, courtesy of director Nelson Dilipkumar.

Multi-talented Malayalam actor Vinayakan as Varman whose role was to play formidable antagonist to Rajinikanth’s Muthuvel Pandian character, did well to create terror in the audience’s heart despite several loopholes in Dilipkumar’s conceptualisation of the Varman character.

The blatant wordwide marketing hype for the movie included the screening of Rajinikanth’s hit movies, ‘Thalapathi’ (1991) and ‘Baasha’ (1995) by Malaysian satellite television on Jailer’s release date.

The proliferation of fake news blamed on social media users so far, appears to have been taken full advantage of by the distributer and producer of Jailer. Prior to the movie’s release and subsequent days and weeks; post after post glorifying the nitty gritty of the movie were kept circulating incessantly on all media. Even movie reviewers continue singing the same tune without even a whisper of any negative criticism.

This trend is dangerous as it means the compromised media has lost its credibility as safeguard for consumers to instead hoodwink the masses and allow them to become dazed by the euphoria created by the marketing ploy of Jailer’s greedy producer and distributor, and part with their hard-earned money.

The reality was that the story, acting and most importantly the cinematic value of Jailer sucks. Besides the violence is atrocious as it was geared merely to enhance Rajinikanth’s heroism.

I really enjoyed the superstar’s Kabali, Kaala, Darbar and even Petta. Jailer is simpy a forgettable Rajinikanth movie,

As what we would refer to in Malaysian lingo, it’s a ‘rojak’ movie. The director has just dumped bits and pieces of Rajinikanth movie fare in a disjointed plot.

All this only goes to forecast the impending end to the superstar’s overstretched reign.



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