Joy Of Producing Traditional Indian Drama

Work in progress

Drama production, in our case, a traditional Indian drama, is both a challenge and a celebration of art at its best.

The sheer joy of preparing the drama props is something you have to experience personally.

For this drama, produced by (a portal run by Sintram House Of Heritage), we needed to portray fantastic imagery from the puranas. 

Using mostly recycled materials such as bamboo and plastic bottles, combined with other arts and crafts materials, we prepared an exploding pillar, a milk ocean and handmade crowns, helmets and face masks. 

We are using the props as tools to connect the young student actors with the majestic characters they play, whether it’s the glorious Narasimha avatar or the notorious demon Hiranyakasipu. 

Seeing how these humble props bring the gods of our stories alive on stage is magnificent and is a feeling that needs to be shared with everyone.

The current drama, Narasimhan, will be staged at the PJ Civic Centre Hall during tomorrow’s (Oct. 6) fundraising dinner of the Educational, Welfare & Research Foundation (EWRF) Kajang.

The actors were participants of EWRF Kajang’s intervention programme for lower secondary students held on Sunday mornings at SJKT Semenyih.

A student working on the exploding pillar
Preparing the milk ocean where demon Hiranyaksha hid planet Earth

Sittam Param

Writer, poet, dramatist and former journalist. I have passion for art in all its forms hence my involvement in this portal.

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