Welcoming Month Of Damodara

Illustrations by S. Rasa Rasika

Little Krishna (Damodara) gifting his mother Yasodha a lotus. Note his playthings scattered around the house.

The month of Kartika, better known as Damodara month (from October 28 to November 26, this year) is an auspicious month to meditate and glofify Lord Krishna.

This month is most suitable for remembering the nectarine pastimes of Krishna with his mother Yasodha.

The name Damodara derived from dama (rope) and udara (abdomen) indicates the pastime of Yasodha tying up her naughty son to a wooden mortar.

Most significant here is how Krishna allows himself to be bound by his loved ones (devotees). Mother Yasodha could not tie Krishna at first as the rope kept magically shortening itself at every attempt.

Finally seeing his mother’s frustration and anguish Krishna out of love for Yasodha, allows her to tie him up.

Of course afterwards left alone, the naughty boy drags the heavy mortar and trapping it between two Asoka trees to free himself, Krishna topples the trees, liberating the two sons of Kubera, the divine treasurer who were cursed to be in tree forms, by a sage angered by them.

Lord Damodara is worshipped by daily offering a ghee lamp and reciting the Damodara Ashtaka prayer.

Sittam Param

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