The Delight of Kerala

Title: Guruvayur Appa — My Jewel in Sundara Keralam.


Oh! My Guruvayor Appa ,

Like a pole star so enchanting over Thrissur shining ever bright!

The radiant light of sweetness to dissipate the darkness of my life by night!

In an ocean of bliss yet despair, I pine for Thy form to behold,

By Thy benign mercy, Thy hand to unfold this poem Thou have given for me to hold!

Thou art the dazzling Jewel in the crown of Sundara Keralam,

With Thy majestic Sanghu, Cakram, Gadam and Padmam!

Lotus eyes, broad chest and arms of grace,

In Bala Gopal form with a flute amidst Chandan and Thulasi is Thy Sky blue face!

As Dvarakanath of the south, Thou shower Thy grace for a blissful life,

As devotees seek blessings from Thee in Shanta, Dashya, Sakhya, Vatsalya, Madhurya or even as husband for a wife!

Thy form is ever resplendent magnificently in Sundara Keralam with a lustrous glow,

Oh! My Lord the deliverer from birth, death, old age and disease woe!

Oh! My Sundara Ratnam!

How I wish to be with you,

For my soul is ever longing to feel anew!

Blessed is this land of Sundara Keralam!

Paradise on earth with Guruvayur Appa’s anointed collyrium.

I see Thy mighty hands that moves this Land!

For miseries to end and peace to prevail Thou descent.

It’s Thy grace which throws forth from the Arabian Sea Thy mighty pearly waves,

Which sways the palm trees in Thy heavenly breeze gracefully lining Thy shores along Thy coastal ways!

Within Thy waves of love I shall seek to lose myself to be free of earthly sorrows full of pain,

But, Alas! Without Thee my boatman, I am drifting aimlessly and being lost again!

Thy silver streams and backwaters flux with myriad hues throbbing with Thy sustenance of life,

As devotees from the seven seas flow to Thy feet for their hearts to shine ever bright!

In Thy Golden rays of the sun which kiss Thy lush green tropical plains and hills,

Are Thy bounteous blessings with rain for Sundara Keralam from Thy skies?

Oh! My Manohara !

Thou art the celestial soulful vibrant colours of Kathakali for all hearts of mortals to siege,

The very captivating spell of the enchantress in Mohiniyattam of femine grace!

As the Almighty Physician, Ayurveda since antiquity for a glowing health in this land is Thy gift of grace,

The empowerment to combat vigorously through the Martial Art of Kallipayattu is Thy defence skills for the splendour of the human race!

Oh! My Bala Gopal!

I seek Thee to conceal Thy unlimited majestic opulences of heaven and earth!

As my soul ever dwells only on Thy sweetness in its search.

For in my heart I know, To a simple devotee also Thy mercy thou shall bestow.

If it is Thy will I shall have in my heart Thy Divinity to see,

In Thy waves of love like in the Arabian Sea, I shall feel thrilled in Thy oceanic bliss of ecstasy!

I will tell you this — and what I feel,

Oh! My beauteous Bala Gopal as I shall now reveal!

”Leaving home transcending fear and comfort of all,

I shall one day if it is Thy will, hearken to Thy lotus feet for Thy loving call”!

Abode of love art thou and for devotees I know, Thy love abides,

Hence! Will Thou not manifest in my heart a shrine of Thrissur like Sundara Keralam for the Jewel of Guruvayor Appa to eternally reside?


Kanna — My spiritual longing.

Sittam Param

Writer, poet, dramatist and former journalist. I have passion for art in all its forms hence my involvement in this portal.

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