The Grip Of Infamy. Episode 29. By R. Sittamparam

Episode 29
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Thivya had made up her mind to meet Thiagu and confess her love for him.
But there was a hesitancy in Thivya, certainly not that her boss, Thana would be offended or try to prevent her meeting Thiagu.
Although she felt Thiagu liked her, there was a fear in her heart that he might already have a steady girlfriend considering his extremely good looks.
She had just obtained Thiagu’s smartphone number which she lifted from Thana’s address book, she found lying in the filing cabinet that day.
Social media had made it easier for girl-meet-boy situations, sparing would be couples the pangs of the play of `Oodal’ (mild quarrel/fake annoyance between lovers) or for a one sided aspirant the dismal letdown of losing face over rejection. Or worse still earn ridicule in the emotionally charged face-to-face encounters.
Thivya soon enough, found Thiagu’s NoteMe account and had immediately sent a friend request.
Almost a week passed and a saddened Thivya saw no response coming from Thiagu.
Her face began losing its lustre as each unfruitful day passed. She was constantly lost in her thoughts and given to moping.
Even her mother noticed the sudden change in Thivya’s behaviour.
What’s worrying you dear. Your face looks so dull. Are you sick or something?
Thivya rarely spoke to her mother and so just muttered under her breath. No…, no….
This sudden change in his darling secretary’s demeanor immediately caught Thana’s eye.
Although aware that Thivya always tried to avoid his every attempt to get into intimate situations with her, he appreciated it very much seeing her generally cheery about the office.
Anything troubling you my dear. You look so miserable. I can’t bear to see you like this.
News of the imminent closure of his office had reached his ears the previous night. He wondered whether Thivya had heard the news as well.
Thana wasn’t worried much about the office closing down as he had expected this would happen anytime following The Alliance’s election defeat.
He didn’t want Thivya to know, fearing she might start looking elsewhere for a job.
He didn’t want her to leave his shelter. With the subsequent closing of his office at the Urban Empowerment Department Thana planned to rehire Thivya either at his party service centre in his constituency or one of his business outlets.
He was even contemplating making Thivya his special officer but was certain it would add to Asha’s suspicion that he fancied Thivya whom she herself had acknowledged, was a true beauty.
I am alright sir. Maybe this hot weather is somehow affecting me. Also global warming that everyone’s talking about.
Thivya knew she was simply babbling away to hide the real cause of her distraught emotional state.
Thana knew too well his much adored secretary was not telling the truth.
He guessed she was emotionally distressed. But noting the strange enhancement in the complexion of her face, softer movements of her joints in particular of her hands, neck, hips and legs. Also he was sure he had heard her mumbling to herself. And the brooding look in her large marble eyes now eclipsed by drooping eyelids and slightly wettened, lethargic eyelashes, ignited Thana’s fury mixed with biased pangs of self pity.
The image of the shy smile on Thivya’s face as she brushed past his political secretary cum bodyguard, Thiagu at the door of his office that fateful day flashed before his mind’s eye.
He knew at once it was Thiagu’s doing.
As soon as Thivya left his room carrying some files to be handed over to the Urban Empowerment Department director’s office in the far corner of the floor, Thana pulled out his smartphone and dialled Thiagu’s number.
How’s everything Thambi. Have you sorted out the Chowlay issue. Be firm when dealing with these guys. They can give you the runaround if they see that somehow we can be compromising.
By the way Thambi, you know how I feel about my girl Thivya. And you know how protective I am about my property.
Don’t even think of messing around with her feelings. You better tell me if she has been in touch with you.
I can see she has an eye for you from what I saw that day you visited my office but you should know better than step into my territory.
Take this as friendly advice and also my direct warning should you have any funny ideas.
Thana did not wait for Thiagu’s reply and cut the line abruptly.
On the other side, Thiagu was at first shocked over Thana’s sudden call but the part about Thivya having an eye for him rang out loud and clear to him. It was a boost for his manhood.
So, she is interested in me. What a pretty and cheerful girl she is. Hmm, so she fancies me.
Thoughts of Thana’s sister-in-law Nisha and how the wife had taken her away from Thiagu’s sight forever, flooded his mind.
Now this Saitanthana is warning me to keep away from this lovely girl who incidentally likes me.
I now see, she will be the perfect trophy for me in the quest to wrest full control of gang 202. Does Thana think I should forever be his lackey and underling?

All the events and characters portrayed in this serialised novel are fictional and any parallel with real life persons is purely coincidental.

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