Trikonasana – Triangle Pose

Asana 6
TRIKONASANA (Triangle Pose)

This extended Pose has many variations. Before we start today’s asana, it’s always best to relax taking a few breaths while standing.

For beginners - keep both legs apart with right foot turned out, and left foot turned out 90 degrees. Firm the thighs, whereby the left knee cap is aligned with the left foot. Once that is done, raise both arms with palms facing down.

Inhale - then exhale and bend toward the left and place the left palm firmly to the floor in front, parallel with the left knee.

At this point raise the right arm up palm facing outside. Turn head up or facing down according to your comfort.

This asana helps relieve stress, improves digestion and stimulates abdominal organs.

Tones and strengths the thighs knees and ankles. Good opening of chest and stretches hamstrings, shoulders, hips and spine.

Instructions and photograph by Personal Yoga Trainer K.B. Murale.

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