Being A Dancer

Reflection :

I often think how the arts can shape persons who willingly want to be dancers.

As we start learning at the beginning the focus is on skill development, the next level is to embrace the divinity of the dance form while adhering to the core techniques and principles.

The next level is to seek the deeper understanding where the dancer becomes one with all the senses to portray Sathvika Abhinaya – the core of Indian Classical Dance form.

However the learning process encompasses a life’s journey.
Sometimes the reflection of our insecurities can influence our thoughts and reactions.

Just like how we work towards maintaining body control, we need to also learn to control our mind.

We tune our body on a daily basis to keep it fit so that the portrayal of the body moments will be graceful with fluidity.

At the same time it is a must to cleanse our inner space as the core reflection comes from within which portrays not only the best of our art form that we practice but also who we truly are.

Such an amazing art can make our self better if we practice on a daily basis, give good exposure if we continue to strive hard, inculcate the best knowledge if we are willing to learn not only about arts but also the areas which our self and arts co-exists. Provide better understanding of human values if we allow us to express internally the mutual respect and humbleness for others irregardless of age.

The admiration of the great work by our senior artistes and co-artistes and appreciation of the younger talents whom we inspire, are two important aspects that will nurture us.

As an artiste if we have the openness to embrace the better things in life, do we still have space for the enemies called “EGO” & “ATTITUDES”

“SURRENDER” to the Art, Guru, God and to our self will pave the way to earn the Love, trust, empathy, reciprocation and gratitude of all.

Beautiful art form can beautify us at the same time purify us if we understand the true purpose of the art form rather than being self-centred under the tight spotlight reflecting all about “ME”.

We should be open to receive these bright lights as our blessings, to have been able to use the best opportunity to be a good human being with noble values and as artistes with great qualities.

By Mohanapriyan Thavarajah, Apsaras Arts Singapore.
Pic courtesy – Yoshiaki Takemura

Sittam Param

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