Virabhadrasana II (Warrior pose II)

Yoga Asana 2020 Asana 8
18 May 2020
Virabhadrasana II (Warrior pose II)

Breathe a few times while standing, relax and get ready.

Stand and place your legs 3 feet apart or more depending on your flexibility. The main purpose is to ground the feet.

Left foot is angled at 90 degrees while tilting right foot slightly inwards.

Inhale-straighten both hands in line with your shoulders. At this point turn both palms downward and relax the fingers.

Exhale – bend the left knee and keep the right leg stretched. Keep the back straight and chest opened.

Turn head to the left side and gaze at the tip of the finger/spot at the hand.

Stay relaxed and focus on steady breathing.

Inhale – release legs, hands and gently get back to standing position. Repeat the same sequence on the right side.


Strengthens and stabilizes the legs. Also helps relieve back pain. Tones lower part of the body.

Instructions and photograph by Personal Yoga Trainer K.B.Murale

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