O My Beauteous Lord Subramaniam by Kanna

Sri Murugan Abhishegam at Penang Thanneermalai Temple

O My Lord Subramaniam !
Gracefully in elegance adorning —
The Inner Cave of the hearts of Thy ardent devotees !

Hail to Thee —
The Crest Jewel dazzling bright in the radiance of the heaven’s Princely Majesty !

Thy sweetness as Kumara remains evergreen — Spreading Thy arms wide in the innocence of a child to embrace,

To give liberally of Thy blessings on Vaikhasi Vishakam — regardless of caste, creed or race !

May the Divine terrestial sounds —
”Vel..Vel..Vetrivel…Aro Hara…” thunderously reverberate over the entire earth and heavenly facade !

As , Thy devotees converge in thousands rushing afore in the vibrance of devotion in the quest of Thy grace !

A penance with faith to Thee —
For the recurring trials and tribulations shall today all vanish like dew in the sun rays!

For, thousands shall also usher in a thanksgiving for Thy loving gifts showered to praise !

”Of the Greatest Chief Commander General of the Devas, I am Karthikeya” spake Lord Sri Krishna of His omnipotence to Arjuna !

As Thy Divine ‘ VEL ‘ signifies the chivalry, courage to face battles of life in Thy form as Lord Skanda !

O Mighty Vanquisher of Asuras !
Ever dancing in the darkness of our hearts to cleanse the impurities that impede the Soul’s Victory !

Grant us Lord the Vim and Vigour of body and mind’s stature –
The Wisdom of renunciation that dawns on the Divine Hills of ‘ Palani ‘

O Lord, so alluring and tantalising within the realms of microcosm and macrocosm of this Universe, Thou art !

Lead me, O Lord to discover The Supreme brilliant Jewel of all Jewels — SUBRAMANIAM- in the shrine of the Cave through the quest towards BHAKTI in my heart !

Kanna — My most humble composition of love offering on Thaipusam

A group of youths carrying Paal Kudam to fulfill their Thaipusam vows

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