Funds Needed for Vedic Maths Workshops to Overcome Pupils’ Maths Phobia

‚ÄčA fund raising campaign by a Vedic Maths tutorial centre to help pupils from poor families is now underway.

The campaign is to raise funds to conduct a child transformation workshop to train batches of 200 school pupils from underprivileged families in Malaysia.

The workshop is aimed at converting children’s mindset to understand that Mathematics can be a fun and easy subject. Competency in mathematics will hence boost the pupils’ self-esteem.

Chief tutor M. Selvaraju said the formulas used for the training are based on ancient wisdom. These formulas have created a positive impact on more than 6000 pupils since the centre started its lessons in 2011.

Pupils aged between 10 and 11 years of age will be selected from poor families to participate in the workshops.

Selvaraju addded that it was generally seen that pupils from poor families who are weak in Mathematics cannot cope in class as their parents can’t afford to pay for tuition to help them.

He added that these students subsequently also do badly in other related subjects and develop a low self esteem.

The workshops will be conducted for a period of four days and pupils will be provided with books, food and a certificate of participation.

Those wishing to donate for this worthy cause can visit or send an E-mail to:

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