Where Is My Ladoo?

Title: Where is my ‘ladoo’?
Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Dimension: 3ft x 3ft
Year: 2016

Where is my ‘ladoo’? is a symbolic realism about current scenario in our community.

White mice are often used in labs for preliminary tests in order to determine the efficacy of certain methods or test samples before applying it on people.

In this painting, mice represent the people; since any changes being implemented to a system, be it education, economy or even health, the whole nation will become part of the system, complementing or reacting to the system.

If the system is not successful, again, changes will take place.

In the scene, the mice are going in all directions searching for ‘ladoo’. ‘Ladoo’ is a very sweet dessert.

It simply means that most of our community are only seeking a very comfortable life without much effort. They expect everything will be as sweet as ‘ladoo’ abandoning their real capabilities to achieve a successful life.

However, one little mouse is seen going into a hole towards the centre, where the Mac mouse device is.

Mac is specially designed for the creative industry, which is now ruling the world. It is believed to be the future of our society.

The device is placed in water, personifying that only very few groups of people are exploring their true strength no matter what the challenges are. It involves high level fluidity of creativeness to create and become part of their environment.

The whole painting is layered into 9 different dimensions, creating an illusion…drawing the audience into the centre of canvas to experience the mood of this painting.

Painting synopsis by artist Maheswary Manickam, a chemist who is currently a resident artist at Symbols House of Natural Art.

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