Mundane Mooli (Radish)

Mundane Mooli

“Where’s the remote?”
grumbles the mooli
she exhausts herself daily
strained by the intensity of the TV
Life hasn’t been easy
Away from the muddy depths
of the home below ground
where the weight of crawling insects
Thoroughly massaged her aching body
Away from the sun, the dark
Underbelly of the earth
had cooling, calming effects

Life above ground
Has turned the mooli mundane
Her vision blurred by dizzying,
Screaming screens
with their deafening calls to attention
Dulling the once inquisitive mind
Reducing it to care only for
Fictional roots, uttering
words that don’t quite
mean anything to those
Not in step with every scene.

Sittam Param

Writer, poet, dramatist and former journalist. I have passion for art in all its forms hence my involvement in this portal.

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